Unleash the Potential of Your Florida Coast Landscape

In the Sunshine State, with its balmy weather and unique natural charm, landscapes need functional and captivating elements. Adding rocks, stones, or edging to your landscape isn’t just about beautifying it; it’s about embracing a long-lasting, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solution.

At Coconut Grove Landscape & Design, we understand the nuances of the Floridian ecosystem, and we’re here to help your outdoor spaces shine—from majestic boulders and exotic landscaping rocks to sleek composite edging. Here’s a deeper dive into what each can offer your Jacksonville Beach or Punta Verda Beach residence.

Adding amazing depth to landscape features, Coconut Grove are experts with Rocks, Stones & Edging in Florida

Rocks, Stones, Edging: Understanding the Basics

  • Rocks: Large and robust, often utilized as foundational elements in landscapes.
  • Stones: Landscaping stones are typically smaller than rocks. They serve both functional and decorative purposes.
  • Edging: Landscape edging refers to boundary markers or separators, generally used to separate and divide areas or features in your garden.

Pros & Cons: Tailoring to Florida’s Unique Climate


  • Durability: Withstand the test of time, resisting wear from Florida’s frequent rains and hot sun.
  • Natural Aesthetic: Offer an earthy charm that complements Florida’s native plants and shrubs.
  • Low-Maintenance: Once placed, they require minimal care.
  • Weight: Depending on size, landscaping rocks can be hard to move.
  • Cost: Larger rocks might be more expensive initially.
  • Space Consumption: Due to their size, they can take up significant space, potentially limiting other landscaping opportunities or making smaller gardens feel cramped.


  • Versatility: Landscaping stones are ideal for walkways, water features, or decorative accents.
  • Heat Resistance: Reflect heat, benefiting certain plants in Florida’s tropical climate.
  • Water Drainage: Allow for better soil drainage during the wet season.

  • Movement: Smaller stones can sometimes shift, requiring occasional rearranging.
  • Weed Growth: Spaces between stones can sometimes become breeding grounds for weeds, necessitating regular upkeep.
  • Safety: Loose stones can become tripping hazards, especially on a walkway, if not secured properly.


  • Neatness: Landscape edging creates clean, straight lines between flower beds, garden beds, and other areas.
  • Flexibility: Different edging materials, from metal to brick, are available to suit any style.
  • Containment: Helps keep mulch or sod in place, especially during rainy seasons.
  • Maintenance: Some materials might deteriorate faster in Florida’s humidity, necessitating replacements.
  • Installation Difficulty: Depending on the type, installation can be labor-intensive or require specialized tools.
  • Potential Inconsistency: Over time, certain materials may warp or lose color, leading to inconsistent appearance across the landscape.

Breathing Life into Your Landscape: The Versatility of Rocks, Stones, and Edging

Landscape edging along a garden bed in Punta Verde, FL


Picture a Jacksonville Beach backyard with a striking landscaping rock feature amidst a lawn of lush greenery—a conversation starter for sure. Besides being focal points, rocks also help in soil erosion control.


In Punta Verda Beach, envision a serene garden walkway made of smooth landscape stones, guiding you through a floral wonderland. Small and large stones are fantastic for creating contrasting textures and adding character to gardens.


Imagine meticulously manicured gardens in Jacksonville, each section highlighted and separated with elegant edging. Landscape edging not only accentuates but also protects your garden spaces.

Sustainability & Cost Variables


All three elements, when sourced responsibly, are sustainable. Rocks and stones, being natural, don’t contribute to environmental degradation. Edging, especially when made of recycled or composite materials, is eco-friendly too.

Cost Variables:

Being abundant and varied, landscape stones can be cost-effective, while exotic landscaping rocks might be pricier. Landscape edging costs can vary based on material and design complexity. For example, creating a decorative concrete landscape is a durable and affordable way to enhance the look and value of any landscape. Yet, the low maintenance of these elements means long-term savings.

The perfect addition, landscape edging installed by Coconut Grove in Florida, is perfect for patios, walkways or lawns

The “Wow” Factor: Curb Appeal, Character & Aesthetic

Have you ever passed by a property and felt an instant allure, compelling you to sneak another look? That’s curb appeal in action. Landscaping is more than just arranging plants in a garden. In landscaping, the power players are undoubtedly rocks, stones, and edging, infusing curb appeal with character and a cultivated sublime aesthetic.

Landscaping is an art that can transform a property into a captivating narrative. It’s about telling a story, weaving a narrative that resonates with the homeowner and captivates onlookers. This story springs to life through the right selection and placement of elements that suit a space’s functional needs and enhance its beauty, giving it that irresistible “wow” factor.

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